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Drug Discovery
DDC 2024 Poster Analysis
In this article, we analyze the posters submitted to DDC 2024, categorized by country, organization, and topic.
Jimmy, AI Business Team Researcher 2024. 03. 14
AACR 2024 Drug Discovery Session Preview.png
AACR 2024 Drug Discovery Session Preview
Summarize the drug discovery sessions that will be presented at AACR 2024.
Seungmin Jung, R&D Starategy Team Researcher 2024. 03. 14
Drug Discovery
Study AI drug discovery Start with these 3 papers
We've summarized three important papers for AI drug discovery. These papers will help you understand the fundamentals of AI drug discovery and move forward with the latest research.
Jaechang Lim, Co-founder2024. 03. 08
Drug Discovery
How to discover and define binding sites in structure-based drug discovery
We've covered things to consider when defining a binding site during structure-based drug discovery research (SBDD).
Sehan Lee, AI Business Lead2024. 03. 08
ICLR 2024 Preview
Let's take a look at the trends in drug discovery papers accepted at ICLR 2024.
Sangyoun Hwang, AI Research Team Lead2024. 03. 08
Google DeepMind AlphaFold-latest l What's different from previous AlphaFolds, how they differ
What's the biggest change in AlphaFold-latest compared to the last publicly available model, AlphaFold 2.3?
Sangyoun Hwang, AI Research Team Lead2024. 03. 08
Global pharma M&A in 2023
An analysis of global pharma M&A in 2023 shows that the post-pandemic market is poised for a revitalization.
Heejin Jung, R&D Strategy Team Lead2024. 03. 08
Drug Discovery
See the future of AI drug discovery at NeurIPS 2023
What did we see at NeurIPS 2023 about the future of drug discovery?
Wooyoun Kim, CEO 2024. 03. 08
Drug Discovery
Drug development approval status
This article introduces the status of new drug approvals in Korea and the FDA from the past to the present. In Korea, 36 new drugs have been approved, and in the FDA, 30 new drugs have been approved recently.
Heejin Jung, R&D Strategy Team Lead2024. 03. 08